MastAndMix is a Professional Online Mastering and Online Mixing Service.

Our engineers with proven experience, our high quality analog and digital tools and our cutting-edge studios allow us to reach a top-notch result at affordable prices.


Step 1 – Upload

Online Mastering - Upload

The first step of online mastering or online mixing consists in sending your audio files.  The operation is free (for mastering) and very simple, registration is not even required. Please follow carefully the  ‘Guidelines’ section before posting your audio files.

Step 2 – Listen

Online Mastering - Listen

Once you have sent the file, we need 48/72 hours to do our magic and send you a sample of the final work. This way you will have the opportunity to appreciate the quality of our online mastering service without any nasty surprises.

Step 3 – Buy (If you like it)

Online Mastering - Buy

Now, if you like what you hear, you can proceed with the purchase. No up-front cost for mastering (50% up-front for mixing), you pay only if you are satisfied. If you have any doubt about our online mastering and mixing service, you can contact us anytime before buy, we will be happy to help you.


Online Mixing

Online Mixing Service

The mixing process is a crucial step for the production of a hit song. While not sitting alongside our engineers, you will have the opportunity to add any information you think is necessary to achieve the desired result. References to other popular songs will be very useful to accommodate your needs. The online mastering process is not included.

Online Mastering

Online Mastering Service

If your song is already mixed, you just have to give it the last push to turn it into a product of professional quality. We at MastAndMix have the equipment and the know-how to make your mix a great track. As well as in the mixing process, we give you the opportunity to send us all the informations useful to get the desired end result, as if you were sitting next to us.

Online Stem Mastering

Online Stem Mastering Service

Stem mastering allows you to work in different ways on groups of separate tracks (vocals, kick, snare, bass, other drums, other instruments). The stem mastering allows you to work more accurately on individual instruments (or groups of instruments) without changing the whole track in its entirety (e.g. compress the snare, but not the guitar or voice).


Free Sample

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2 Minutes SampleTRY NOW!

1 - 4 Tracks

$ 40

Per TrackBUY NOW!

5 - 9 TracksMOST POPULAR

$ 36

Per TrackBUY NOW!

10+ Tracks

$ 32

Per TrackBUY NOW!


Free Demo

We will send you a demo of the final work for free. No upfront cost.

It’s fast

We need only 48/72 hours to work your files. Our online mastering and online mixing services have a great feature: they are quick.

It’s easy

Three simple steps: send your files, listen to a sample of our work, and buy, but only if you like it. Easy, isn’t it?

It’s professional

We could use bombastic slogans to describe the quality of our service. Actions speak louder than words: try us, it’s free.

No registration

Our service is easy to use also because it does not require any registration. We just need a real email address to send the demo to.

You can focus on playing

Look for a professional result? Focus on playing and let us do the dirty work. Save money and time.